First Russian-Ukrainian sailing polar expedition! По-русски

National interests pole to pole!

18 September, 2011

The circumnavigation around the South and the North poles on board the yacht “Scorpius” is the first joint Russian-Ukrainian polar sailing expedition.

This is not only sport, scientific and educational project, but patriotic too. Its mission is to remind that for centuries two great nations have been creating and living the same glorious history, in one mighty commonwealth, sharing joys and sorrows, performing common feats. To remind that we are two great Slavic nation-states; that we’re devoted to our traditions but looking forward to future. That the spirit of the Age of Discovery and ocean and land conquerors is alive.

The most important thing is that everything we do we do for glory of Russia and Ukraine – these’re stones in basement of our common contemporary history and foundation of relationship  between our countries, peacefully taking a dignified place of great mighty states in the global world.

The crew of courageous sailors in 365 days will go around the South and the North poles in order to:

1.             Set world records:

·               in duration of an expedition;

·               in length of a route;

·               enter to the Ross sea in the latitude of 77º S:

·               go around Antarctica south to S 60º and the North pole around  N 65º-70º in one calendar year.

2.             Accomplish several scientific projects on ecology and hydrobiology for Research institute of Arctic and Antarctica.

3.             Test functioning of GLONASS in high latitudes.

4.             Revive the spirit of the Age of Discoveries.

Fulfill a dream – to pass where no one has ever been by sailing boat!


The yacht “SCORPIUS” is equipped with the newest audio-, photo- and video devices that allow to get high-quality actual data during expedition.
Moreover, for improvement of navigation surety and safety of sailing the crew in this expedition uses two types of navigation systems: GLONASS and GPS. The navigation system based on home technology GLONASS was provided for the yacht by State worknet operator NIS GLONASS.

Support the idea of Russian sailors to encompass an arctic sailing expedition around-the-world!