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Before I could dream about another world record

20 September, 2012

Before I could dream about another world record, here it is: on the 16th of September the southern wind, head and not kind at all, speeded a powerful head wave. Moreover, according to forecast, there was a mighty storm of force about 50 balls waiting for us straight on course, and there we didn’t want to get at all. That’s why on the 17th of September at 4am taking the shift over, I made decision to outwait the storm, have rest, repair some stuff and refill, if there’s an opportunity.

Like the previous townlet Cambridge-Bay, Clide-River turned out to be an urban-type settlement with all proper infrastructure: airport, supermarket, police and refill station, of course. Taking into account that our stay in Canada has expired two days ago, I decide to anchor in a mile from the village: in order not to tease geese (I mean – police) - on one hand, and not to be bothered by quite annoying intuit-women – on another. But the trick failed, and a handsome intuit drove towards us on his super jet ski. As we found out later, his name was Larry. He was curious if we were fine and if we needed help or assistance. Together with that he send us “hello” from policemen, who desired to talk to the captain. So we have to go and surrender.

A visit to the police was surprisingly brief, constructive and in a warm friendly atmosphere. We were allowed to stay in Canada as long as storm was raging, offered to use urban infrastructure, refilling station and supermarket, first of all. Thus, to call in was the only right decision. Our intuit friend Larry had quickly organized two pals with a boat, where we put our wonderful auxiliary fuel tanks and in a day and a half had transported five tons of diesel on board. Now we can skip refill in Nuuk – this fuel should be enough till the Azores or Ireland – depends on where we will decide to go after finish.

Quickly considering (sometimes I do it quickly) that vodka would be the best present for our intuit friends, we poured them a shot, and our accidental acquaintance step by step has turned into warm friendly relationship. Now we are friends forever, and our website traffic would rise at least on amount of our friends – intuit family members and, maybe, the whole settlement. I have to say, our friends didn’t leave a favor unanswered: a delivery of several pieces of whale skin with fat and several fishes, called “Arctic char” (most likely, a kind of taimen) is organized. It’s sooooo delicious in salt!

What about whale skin – cut in cubes in a special way with soya sauce and wasabi, moreover, sprayed by sake, it turns into something unbelievable. So half of the crew went faint – fortunately, the doctor was at his best.

Almost everywhere on the north-west of Canada, called Nanavut, alcohol is under a ban. The decision about certain quote per person is made only by common voting of settlement’s citizens. At the same time, if you get drunk once, you lose that opportunity to be caught by the demon drink for as much as six months.

About 13% from one and a half thousands of population – children of school or preschool age, and that’s quite easy to explain: polar nights are long, and there’s not much fishing and hunting in winter.

If alcohol in certain point is a taboo and a restriction, then marijuana is quite legal. It is used “for medical purposes” everywhere. At the same time there’re no stoned people on streets – everything is decent and civilized.

If I would invest money into intuit settlements, I would invest in stomatology. I haven’t met any intuits, who didn’t need some major prosthesis. It looks like there’s no cult of Hollywood smile here. That’s why before launching stomatology business, I would have to work on demand shaping of that very Hollywood smile.

It’s all fun, but in front of it – as much as 600 miles to Nuuk and 450 of the same miles till the starting point through that damn Labrador Sea with its unceasing storms and always head. One more time looking at the forecast, we have found “a three-day window”, which allows us to make a short run till Nuuk, and there we’ll have to hide again. Just don’t think we have got limp here and are threatened by storms and rocking, but 40-45 knots head-on – that’s a lot. So without doubts we raise the anchor and fly to Nuuk under all sails.

25 October, 2012
Leaving these shores a year ago, we had a slight idea about what we’ll encounter, how hard it will be and at some times - almost impossible to accomplish what we had conceived.
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Sergei Nizovtsev
Life way of a human implies constant overcoming not only of external obstacles, but ageing forms of his own mind too, in order to resurrect on a higher level. This is the way of a human to maturity. THE Captain of the yacht "Scorpius" and leader of the first Russian-UKRAINIAN SAILING POLAR EXPEDITION Sergei Nizovtsev. Graduated Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO). Yachtsman. Qualified Yacht Master Ocean. Routes of his journeys – extremal sea tracks. Honoured Polar Explorer. Numerous times had been in Arctic and at the North Pole with skydiving and diving expeditions.
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The crew of “Scorpius”, depending on route, consists of 7-10 persons. Many of them have already had invaluable experience, necessary for this adventurous sailing. In front of others lays a hard way from novice to “sea wolf”.
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