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Captain's journal

As I guessed and God decided

17 October, 2012

As I guessed and God decided, those 2500 miles to Gibraltar we covered in 12 days, believe me, very-very fast. On way we overcame two powerful North-Atlantic cyclones with wave up to 12-meter and wind up to 40 knots. Before we raised a shot along with sintoist toast for the Atlantic, asking it for mercy and chance to get away with peace, it was raging all out.

Although it could be much-much worse: yet it’s late autumn, ceaseless cyclones with stormy winds and huge wave. At first, till about 50˚N, we were distressingly peering into radars, seeking drifting icebergs or their splits. Then got relaxed, of course, - hundreds of miles away there was no one in the ocean, no one to switch lights on for. Somewhere near 45˚N one-two ships appeared, mostly indicated by radar. It turned out to be a bit more fun, significantly warmer. Little by little we were taking clothes off: not down to bikini yet, but sweaters and thermal underwear went back to wardrobes. All in all, thanks to precise navigational computation of the captain and, of course, his determined and perfectly right decisions, we set another record another time, in opponents’ despite, whose all knowledge of yachting is how to pee from lifelines.

Judge by yourself: 12 days from one side and 2500 miles of raging ocean – from another. In joy of statisticians of our home records I report that we haven’t set any records at all. But if to speak about achievements, I dare to say that there were enough of them for several expeditions or navigations or cruises or something like going across five oceans and thirty seas. Thus, if status quo of our success is specified, let’s live in peace. Believe me: we were not going to surprise anyone, maybe, just us ourselves. I think we have quite succeeded in that, and if you were surprised together with us or, maybe, even delighted by our achievements, it’s a double joy for us.

Again I’m out of subject… That’s why, getting back to sinful water, I want to report that we successfully passed Gibraltar, covered 1000 miles till Malta, where we have to refill, repair some things and – no matter how mawkishly it is – rush again to Sevastopol. There’re 1500 miles to it – a week of good advance or about that. I have to admit, the format of this expedition, its pace and especially the route were quite spontaneous, and decisions were made on way, without much consideration and arguments. As a result, we have what we have: good or bad – you are a judge. Regarding myself, if in future I ever decide to do something like that or close to what we’ve done, that will be a completely different expedition – without rush, with feeling and understanding. Again I’m out of subject. So I repeat: after Greenland we left 3500 miles behind the poop and all that in 17 days. We’re on traverse of Malta, everything’s well. In two day we put out to sea for the last or, more precisely, utmost dash for Sevastopol.


25 October, 2012
Leaving these shores a year ago, we had a slight idea about what we’ll encounter, how hard it will be and at some times - almost impossible to accomplish what we had conceived.
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Sergei Nizovtsev
Life way of a human implies constant overcoming not only of external obstacles, but ageing forms of his own mind too, in order to resurrect on a higher level. This is the way of a human to maturity. THE Captain of the yacht "Scorpius" and leader of the first Russian-UKRAINIAN SAILING POLAR EXPEDITION Sergei Nizovtsev. Graduated Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO). Yachtsman. Qualified Yacht Master Ocean. Routes of his journeys – extremal sea tracks. Honoured Polar Explorer. Numerous times had been in Arctic and at the North Pole with skydiving and diving expeditions.
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The crew of “Scorpius”, depending on route, consists of 7-10 persons. Many of them have already had invaluable experience, necessary for this adventurous sailing. In front of others lays a hard way from novice to “sea wolf”.
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