First Russian-Ukrainian sailing polar expedition! По-русски
29 November, 2012
The crew of “Scorpius” has become an awardee of the National prize in sailing “The yachtsman of the year - 2012” in nomination “The best long-distance sport cruise”.
17 November, 2012
Today on the 17th of November the crew of “Scorpius” is celebrating the birthday of the engineer Mikhail Moroz. As a participant of the expedition Mikhail had passed two circumnavigations around the South and North poles, and is put forward for the state decoration – the order “For Courage” – by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich.
31 October, 2012
On the 27th of October, 2012, accomplishing the record-breaking cruise around the Southern and Northern poles, the yacht “Scorpius” anchored in the Sevastopol city. There was a grand ceremony, held in honor of the courageous sailors, with flowers, orchestra, words of gratitude and champagne.
25 October, 2012
Today on the 25th of October the sailors have received an official congratulation letter from the deputy minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Russian Federation Rinat Gizatulin. In his formal letter he pointed out that the expedition “Scorpius” has significantly contributed in exploration of two remote parts of the world – the Arctic and Antarctica, which the country pay special attention to.
16 October, 2012
The captain of the yacht “Scorpius” Sergei Nizovtsev and the pharmacy chain “Healthy People” (Zdorovye Lyudi) announce a contest of children’s drawings about Arctic and Antarctica. An unusual prize awaits the winner – an excursion on board the yacht, which crew has set several records in one year during its round-the-world journey around the South and North poles.
25 October, 2012
Leaving these shores a year ago, we had a slight idea about what we’ll encounter, how hard it will be and at some times - almost impossible to accomplish what we had conceived.
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Sergei Nizovtsev
Life way of a human implies constant overcoming not only of external obstacles, but ageing forms of his own mind too, in order to resurrect on a higher level. This is the way of a human to maturity. THE Captain of the yacht "Scorpius" and leader of the first Russian-UKRAINIAN SAILING POLAR EXPEDITION Sergei Nizovtsev. Graduated Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO). Yachtsman. Qualified Yacht Master Ocean. Routes of his journeys – extremal sea tracks. Honoured Polar Explorer. Numerous times had been in Arctic and at the North Pole with skydiving and diving expeditions.
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The crew of “Scorpius”, depending on route, consists of 7-10 persons. Many of them have already had invaluable experience, necessary for this adventurous sailing. In front of others lays a hard way from novice to “sea wolf”.
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